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21st March 19
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The Staff

All Saints has a strong staff team who work closely together to provide for the needs of our pupils. Our work is very much a team effort, with each person lending their skills to teach and support the teaching, as well as offering a range of interests, which are shared with the pupils to provide a variety of extra-curricular activities.  All our teachers have a pastoral responsibility and work as tutors in year teams to ensure that all pupils are known and cared for individually.  Our current staff, with their main areas of responsibility, include:


Senior Leadership Team  
Mr B McNally, BSc (Hons), MA, NPQH Headteacher
Mr J D Graham, BA (Hons), NPQH Deputy Headteacher / MFL
Mrs F Lord, BA (Hons) Assistant Headteacher / SENDCO / English
Mr C Mayes, BA (Hons), PGCE Assistant Headteacher / Deputy DSL Child Protection / CL ICT
Ms C E Carsley, MA, BA (Hons) Assistant Headteacher / DSL Child Protection / Humanities
Teaching Staff  
Mr A Sidlow CL Religious Studies 
Mr K Gillies Mathematics 
Mrs K Fowler, BA (Hons) English
Mr R Fairest Mathematics
Miss L Padwell, BA (Hons) CL Creative Arts & PHSE / Music & Media
Mr J Fowler, BA (Hons) Science
Miss C Hill Physical Education
Mrs L Kershaw, BA (Hons), PGCE CL Humanities / PSHCE
Mrs K Kight, BA (Hons) CL Art & Technology
Mr M Swallow, BSc Science
Ms H Laverty, BA (Hons) PE / English Intervention / Progress Leader (Year 8)
Mrs J Garvey, BA (Hons) English / Progress Leader (Year 11)
Mr M Parkes, BSc (Hons) CL Physical Education
Miss S Turnbull Humanities / Progress Leader (Year 7)
Mr T O'Sullivan, BA (Hons), PGCE ICT / Business Studies / Progress Leader (Year 10)
Mr A Crapnell Design & Technology
Mrs N Whillance BA (Hons) Modern Foreign Languages
Mr A Scott, BA (Hons) Mathematics
Mrs A Hindley, BA (Hons) CL English
Miss G Barks Religious Studies
Miss A Schofield, BA (Hons) English / Progress Leader (Year 11)
Mr T Briggs, BSc (Hons) CL Science
Mr C Gunel, BSc (Hons) CL Mathematics
Mrs J Wallis, BSc Numeracy Intervention
Dr K McNulty, PhD, MSci (Hons) Science
Miss R Connearn, BSc (Hons) Food Technology
Miss J Flanagan CL Modern Foreign Languages
Miss N Holden English
Miss A Morgan English
Mr N Charnley Science
Support Staff  
Mrs T Torr School Manager
Mrs D Stretch Headteacher's PA
Miss E Burke, BA (Hons) Data Manager
Mrs K Hodson Administration Officer
Mrs J Fraser Assistant School Manager
Ms M Murphy Receptionist
Mr L George, BA (Hons) Science Technician
Mr G Senior, MEng (Hons) Network Manager
Mr B Trickett Site Supervisor
Mr J Kennedy Assistant Site Supervisor / DT Technician
Mrs A Niven Catering Manager
Miss E Jones Assistant Catering Manager
Mrs R Begum TA
Mrs S Barlow TA
Mrs S Groom, BA (Hons) HLTA
Ms S A Hargreaves HLTA
Ms L Richardson TA
Ms L Weir KS3 PP Mentor & Behaviour Lead
Ms C Young TA
Mr D Pollard, MSc Data, Exams & Cover Manager
Mr S Panaro KS4 PP Mentor / Progress Leader (Year 9)
Mrs J Starkie TA
Ms G Halshaw Catering Assistant
Mrs A Taylor Catering Assistant
Mrs G Rowe Catering Asssitant
Miss A White TA
Ms G Halshaw Food Technology Technician
Mr S Taylor Senior Midday Supervisor & PP Mentor
Miss M Dyson Catering Assistant
Mrs K Jackson PP Mentor / Behaviour Specialist