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16th January 19
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200 Club

Make a Positive Contribution to your School
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About the 200 Club


The 200 Club is a great way to support your child's learning as it is a major financial contributor to the school and, over the years, it has raised significant amounts of money for individual curriculum areas.


What can I win?


Members are allocated a specific number, at a cost of £4 per number per month (payable by standing order or cash)


Each month numbers are drawn for a chance to win one of three prizes


            1st Prize £50.00

            2nd Prize £25.00

            3rd Prize £10.00


Members can have as many numbers as they wish


How has the school benefited from monies from the 200 Club?


Each year the funds raised by the 200 Club are made available to staff who bid for monies.  Last year money went towards the following:


Resource Centre/Library

Coaches for the trips such as London, Aachen and the year 11 leavers' ball

Supporting curriculum areas

The Multi-media centre

Social Occasions

Past pupils fundraising activities

Sports Equipment


If you wish to join you can download the application form and send it in to school addressed to The 200 Club.

200 Club : Adobe Acrobat file (87.3k)


200 Club Winners

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Month 1st Prize (£50) 2nd Prize (£25) 3rd Prize (£10)
No. Name No. Name No. Name
Jan 2016 60   17 L Weir 56 K Watson
Feb 2016 16 H Laverty 5 A Renick 18 S Barton


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Month 1st Prize (£50) 2nd Prize (£25) 3rd Prize (£10)
No. Name No. Name No. Name
Jan 2015 79 H Rawcliffe 52 H O'Connor 24 C Moran
Feb 2015 62 K Khan 91 C Carsley 34 K O'Connor
Mar 2015 53 S Johnson 68 M Brennan 76 M Greenwood
Apr 2015 16 H Laverty 83 S Keating 85 M Greenhalgh
May 2015 11 L O'Neill 43 P McEwan 110 M Crook
Jun 2015 60 C Rowan 105 T McGregor 118 J Grcar
Jul 2015 57 E Ikin 54 J Grkman 122 H Banks
Aug 2015 39 S Weldon 85 M Greenhalgh 2 B Heap
Sep 2015 55 C Senior 85 M Greenhalgh 80 M Looker
Oct 2015 45 B McNally 64 R Kelly 74 S Burke
Nov 2015 27 G Wall 31 V Pilkinton 35 L Davies
Dec 2015 67 K Ashworth 65   97 K Fletcher